Shorinji Kempo Legendary Master by Hiroshi Aosaka

The definitive DVD with the legendary Shorinji Kempo 8th dan,Hiroshi Aosaka ! includes the incredible philosophy,techniques and the way of life.Legendary Master was not in the distant past,but has become the present progressive form.

Length: 105min.
Languages: Japanese with English,French and Italian subtitles
Format: DVD NTSC
Other Info: All Region DVD
Price: 4,500JPY
・keri techniques-Solo forms
・Demonstrations created by Mr. Aosaka using Shakujo
・Secret techniques of Budo-kappo/Sei Ho
・The theory of Kuzushi
・Fighting system and techniques-Go Ho/Ju Ho
・Philosophy and techniques-Ren Han Ko/Tenchi Ken/Tenchi Ken Dai Ikkei/Tenchi Ken Dai Nikei
・Training and techniques-Randori/Sen No Sen/Go No Sen/Sen No Sen/Tai No Sen/Go Ho/Randori(Ju Ho)/The Attacker:Jodan Zuki,Jodan Zuki,Gyaku Geri,The Defender:Furimi,Furimi,Juji Uke/Go No Sen(Attack from Uke)/Randori
・Lecture-Thank you