The World of Shorinji Kempo-Europe by Hiroshi Aosaka

Shorinji Kempo consists of philosophy,techniques and educational system. They have been demonstrated and explained through the experience in Europe by Hiroshi Aosaka.Every technique has many teachings. The most important purpose in Shorinji Kempo is to raise good people and help them to live. They are not only thinking of things in their own shoes, they are people who can see things as if they were in the opponent's shoes.

Length: 109min.
Languages: Japanese with English,French and Italian subtitles
Format: DVD NTSC
Other Info: All Region DVD
Price: 4,500JPY
・Instructing and spreading the art
・What to expect in Shorinji Kempo
・The philosophy,theory and techniques studied by Mr.Aosaka-Go Ho/Ju Ho/Appo/Kuzushi
・Ways of training and teaching tecniques studied by Mr.Aosaka-Tenchi Ken/When the opponent attcks first and you survive without injury/Attain the principles and then throw them away/Tai No Sen and Sen No Sen/Kakete