Shorinji Kempo Anatomized

Shorinji Kempo 60th Anniversary Commemorative Works.This collection is available in a 4 DVD box set representing the philosophy,the technique and the educational system of Shorinji Kempo.This exhibits many precious footage for the first time.

Length: 360min.
Languages: DISC.1・3 1.Japanese 2.English
DISC.2・4 Japanese
DISC1〜3 English subtitles
Format: DVD NTSC
Other Info: All Region DVD.Digital.16:9
Price: 12,000JPY
・DISC.1 50min.
Doshin So,the first Shike of Shorinji Kempo
Yuuki So,leader of the ''Developping Individuals'' Movement
-Biography 1,Biography 2,Latest Steps
・DISC.2 125min.
A Look at Howa
-Yoshitaka Suzuki,Former representative of Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji 
A look at Enbu
-Tsunehiro Arai,President of Shrinji Kempo  
A Look at Hokei
-Hiromichi Yamazaki,Principal of Zenrin Gakuen  
・DISC.3 100min.
Shorinji Kempo 60th Anniversary Commemorative Events
-All-Japan Figh School Invitational Shorinji Kempo Taikai
-Seminars for Doincho,Branch Masters and Coaches
-Trip to Northeast China,tarcking Kaiso's thought and intensions
-Study Presentations
・DISC.4 85min.
Final Round Embu Performances of the Shorinji Kempo 60th Anniversary Taikai
-1st Dan to 5th Dan & Above
-Women 1st Dan to 3rd Dan & Above